When You're Stuck Trying to Buy Lily Tomlin a Gift, We've Got Just the Thing

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Click to expand: an original by Jenny the Elephant, an artist in captivity
Hadn't really thought much about Jenny the Elephant or her myriad supporters till recently -- when Spike joined Dallas Zoo officials last week for a sneak peek at the Giants of the Savanna habitat, which prompted Jenny's friends to once more raise their collective trunks in support of her freedom, freedom, freedom! Anyway.

I know Jenny's BFF Lily Tomlin doesn't celebrate a birthday till September 1, but look what I found for sale at a deep discount whilst searching for something entirely unrelated (the Internet is mysterious!): ORIGINAL PAINTING FROM JENNY THE ELEPHANT "DALLAS ZOO." Not as complex as Pugmaliny, but also not as redundant as her imitators.

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