SMUFO: If You Were Wondering About That Thing Hovering Over the Hilltop ...

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A good Friend of Unfair Park sent us a few photos this morning in a missive headlined: "UFO Over SMU?" Our Friend writes, "We have noticed this round black UFO flying low over SMU the past few days from our office at Lovers and Central. Think any Friends might know what it is?" There's another, longer-distance photo after the jump for context.

Alas, fret not, as I asked SMU's director of media relations, the great Robert Bobo, what the what that danged thing is. He responds:
People of Dallas:

Be not afraid. We come in peace.

Actually, it's just a balloon flying over World Vision's AIDS experience tent, which is in the middle of campus. Looks like it got someone's attention, so props to the PR folks who came up with the idea. Here's a little more about the experience from The Daily Campus.


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