Oy Vey: As It Turns Out, My Rabbi's Tweeting the Passover Story

Categories: Religion
Passover, which I like to call the Jewish St. Patrick's Day, is almost upon us. And while my parents and I argue over who's smoking the brisket this year, this much is certain: Our formerly extravagant seder will continue to inch further toward becoming just a pain-in-the-tuchus dinner with a few extra questions thrown in for good measure. All we're missing is the Jell-O mold.

Then again, we could always follow along with Rabbi Oren Hayon of Temple Emanu-El, who gets a major shout-out in today's Wall Street Journal for tweeting the Exodus. (As in: "via @Young_Miriam: Watching from the reeds as the basket with my brother floats down the Nile. Have no fear! Sleep well, and goodnight!") Mazel tov, rabbi. Good one. And you too, Robin Shwarts of Dallas, for rallying your "Seder guests to act in Passover skits and play a mock game show he calls 'Jewpardy.'" And here I was all these years just parting the red wine.

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