For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: John Mayer at the AAC 17 Days Ago

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Caity Colvard
Did you enjoy John Mayer at the AAC March 9? Want to relive the memory? Well, guess what. Now you can.
Look, I don't do this for me. I do it for you. And some of you may like John Mayer. Maybe as much as Stephanie Daniels, who raved about his concert at the American Airlines Center earlier this month for DC9. (She referred to it as an "amazing two-hour set, filled with songs he wanted to play, songs that his so-called real fans would know.") Me, I'm far from any kind of fan, though if he's good enough for Dave Chappelle, far be it from me to dismiss his appeal. And: I appreciated his Esquire columns. There. I said it. I read Esquire. So embarrassed.

Nonetheless, I present as your better-late-than-never work-week send-off this freshly minted recording from the AAC I found on, to which Mayer allows the posting of shows so long as they're not soundboards. And, look, if you're into Mayer -- like, really into him ... like, he's your sexual napalm -- this is a top-notch keepsake; the sound's close to impeccable. And Stephanie's right: That "Free Fallin'" cover is sorta kinda pretty danged good.

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