Drink Up, For Tomorrow Progress Dallas Begins Petition Drive to End Booze Ban

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I've been trying to find out for days when Progress Dallas was going to kick off its petition drive -- you know, the one that would ultimately lead to Dallas getting rid of its those "dry" parts of town. Turns out, all I needed to do was call Sarah Dodd, wife of the No. 1 cop, the commissioner, the chief of police.

The former KTVT-er is handling PR for Progress Dallas, and she just sent word that the petition drive, which will also eliminate the need for a UNICARD, starts tomorrow with a media spectacular-spectacular scheduled for 11 a.m. in front of the Kroger at 5665 E. Mockingbird. Council member and Economic Development Committee chair Ron Natinsky, who's counting on the drive being a success in order to lure big-box discounters and restaurants back inside the city limits, will be quite pleased should Progress Dallas get the 68,846 signatures needed to call a local option election.

Scheduled to be in attendance tomorrow: Gary Huddleston, chairman of Progress Dallas and Dallas market's director of consumer affairs at Kroger, and Matt Spiller, owner of Eno's Pizza, who'd best bring some pies. Media cheapskates love free food.

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