Do You Like This Gig? Apparently Not, As Greggo Ditches Yet Another Radio Show.

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Last I heard, Greg "The Hammer" Williams was looking for a sidekick for his Wichita Fall-based radio show set for syndication. But since Richie's on vacation, I guess it falls to me to pass along the news forwarded along by one Friend of Unfair Park this morning: The show's "a no-go." That comes directly from the blog of John Clay Wolfe, who owns the AM ESPN affiliate in the Falls and reports that, sorry, but the ex-Hardliner wants too much dough:
Greg and I had a meeting on this topic late Friday afternoon, and we couldn't have been any further apart from getting a deal done. I can tell you, however, that the terms that I offered to Greg upon inception of this project, are the same today as they were day one, and will still be on the table in the same form until further notice.

Gregg is a great radio talent, he has the ability to again be a top rated host in whatever market he decides to engage in.
I've sent a message to Greggo. I will update if and when I hear back from him.

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