Clearly, Everything Gets a Logo These Days, Even Stuff About to Get Blowed Up

Impossible to retrace the myriad steps that led me here this morning: to The Official Texas Stadium Implosion Web site, where you'll find a lengthy video shot inside the joint during Tuesday's media show-and-tell. I must say: This is a logo I can get behind: The artwork's playfully retro (like feathered hair or an iron-on), and the title itself ("The Last Tailgate Party") sounds like a Sundance documentary. I'd like a bumper sticker -- no, a poster. You'd think the city of Irving would be selling posters. Seriously. I've left a message for my old pal Maura Gast, head of the Irving CVB. Got some questions.

And, hey, from the looks of the Web site, you'll be able to watch the implosion on April 11 without forking over the $25. That last bit of info, incidentally, merited a mention on Deadspin this morning: "Irving To Milk One Last Cash Grab Out Of Texas Stadium." To which one commenter offers this sports-page tie-together: "Not only will a major piece of Cowboys history disappear that day, but also Ron Washington's dream of someday finding Michael Irvin's secret stash."

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