Venus in Fursuits: Portraits from the Weekend's Furry Fiesta at the Crowne Plaza

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Spike Johnson
Isis Valgen, right, in an oryx gazelle fursuit with a moving mouth, which she says set her back $1800. "I do this because I want to be different," she told us. We've got more photos here.
Standing on her hind legs Isis Valgen is much taller than me -- the horns help. Her mouth moves as she says, "There are not too many gazelles like me running around."

In a room behind us at the Crown Plaza in Addison, a crowd cheers as a line of giant furry animals take turns to limbo under a pole. A spectacular sight but not an unusual one at the hotel over the weekend, where more than 700 furries converged for the second Furry Fiesta. Quite the scene: wolverines strolling arm in arm with leopards; stuffed animals at the turntables; a field mouse browsing the art gallery; a mute sloth doling out hugs.

Alas, only some of those in attendance were "full fursuiters" -- 200, maybe? The rest looked more like minor-league sports team's mascots on vacay; we're not sure if an episode of Entourage broke out after hours. Check out more portraits of the furries in their elaborate costumes in our slide show.

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