Training Daze: On the Occasion of Cowboys' 50th Anniversary, a Cherry-Scented Keepsake

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Yes, yes it is Sportsy Thursday. So, then, from arena football to actual football ...

Late last night I was futzing around on eBay looking for something related to something else I'm working on when I came across this odd collectible: the contract allowing the Dallas Cowboys to hold their very first training camp ever at the University of the Pacific in Forest Grove, Oregon. Can't say that's a trivia question I could have answered. Then again, I've never read Landry's Boys, in which it says:
It was in the middle of nowhere, a haul from the nearest big city, Portland. [Tom] Landry intended to run a boot camp, and Forest Grove was the perfect place to conduct it away from any distractions. The town had one movie theatre and one bar. Nearby was a maraschino cherry factory. The sweet, syrupy aroma permeated the place as the players sweated under blue skies.
There's not a Cowboys higher-up's signature on there, but the seller's asking $2,500 because of its significance as "one of the earliest known documents in the Dallas Cowboys history." (And, yes, I am aware the NFL awarded Clint Murchison Jr. the franchise on January 28, 1960, but this is close enough for the headline.)
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