Looking to Strike Up Casual Relationship With Fancy Mice? Hot For a Firebelly Toad?

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A judge ruled last week that the owners of U.S. Global Exotics aren't getting back a single one of the 27,000 animals seized from their Arlington warehouse in December. Hence, the current exotic-animal diaspora: The Detroit Zoo's taking 1,100 of the animals (among them five wallabies, four sloths, three agoutis, two ring-tailed lemurs and two coatis, none of them named Mundi), while Petco's giving away almost twice as many starting today at 22 Dallas-Fort Worth locations via Wild Rescue Inc. of Texas. So, if any of these critters are on your wish list, get in line:
The rodents, reptiles and amphibians up for adoption include: green anoles, geckos (common, golden, leopard and Tokay), firebelly toads, garter snakes, green iguanas, hermit crabs, long-tailed grass lizards, fancy mice, hamsters (Chinese, robo, Russian and white winter) and white tree frogs.
You'd best hurry, because, as I understand it, Carmine Sabatini has ordered Clark Kellogg to deliver any unwanted animals to Larry London for a "special event."

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