Just Tell Your Fellow Passengers, "But DART Wants Us to Photograph Our Love."

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Justin Terveen
The great Justin Terveen captured this couple (in love?) riding DART a while back.
I've asked Dallas Area Rapid Transit spokesman Morgan Lyons if he wants to rethink this idea:
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is inviting its customers to show off their love connection this Valentines and "give us a kiss" by e-mailing a photo of themselves and a loved one kissing onboard a DART bus or train or Trinity Railway Express train.
The transit agency hopes to post the pics on its Facebook page. Why? Dunno. There's no prize or nothin', and you won't get paid, and once you send DART the photo, it has "the irrevocable right" to do whatever whenever. And, well, you know someone's gonna send in a pic of something that pushes the boundaries. Maybe you should just run them by us before you send to DART.

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