Hard bcCorps: Back to Dolphin Heights

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Dolphin Heights Initiative: Holding House Design - Part 2 from bcCorps.org on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the bcCorps, an army of volunteers giving nine homes in Dolphin Heights extreme makeovers a la bcWORKSHOP's work along Congo Street. John Greenan, executive director of Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, provides further explanation:
We're funding the building of the nine homes through a grant we got from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program; and it's also Central Dallas Ministries' work as well; most of the people you see in the video are AmeriCorps members working in Dallas through the program administered by CDM. Finding a way to pay for a project isn't always the most glamorous part of a partnership -- and usually doesn't get you in the news, but nothing can happen without someone footing the bill.
Noe Medrano Jr. brings us the second part of his impressive doc-in-progress, during which Greenan and bcCorps volunteers consider options for the holding house in which Dolphin Heights residents will live during their redos.

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