Because, Look, Everything Looks Better When Covered in Snow, Especially Dallas

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Patrick Michels
Looking across Main Street Garden this morning
This weather update from Unfair Park HQ: Yes it's still snowing. Walking through downtown this morning was like taking a stroll around Minneapolis: steaming, snow-caked trucks kicking up road slush and huddled smokers hiding under umbrellas and office building overhangs.

In a Dallas kind of way, though, the sidewalks this morning were like canine fashion runways, lined with shivering mutts struggling to raise a stubby higher than the snow piled around the tree trunks.

No doubt you've got your own good snow shots from this morning and afternoon -- and if they're Flickr-bound, be sure and add them to our group -- but after the jump, a few more of our picks from downtown and around town today.
Patrick Michels

Patrick Michels
Here's my submission for next year's official Unfair Park Christmas card.
Patrick Michels
Someone got a little sloppy running the downtown slalom.

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