Well, We Know One Oak Lawn Median That Won't Need the Grass Cut Soon. Or Ever.

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Grass in the Median.jpg
Spike Johnson
Jose Esobedo can't have artificial turf in his front yard. But Harlan Crow's apparently free to plant the synethetic stuff in the heretofore barren median between the Crow Holdings campus and Unfair Park HQ on Maple Avenue. Forever Lawn of North Texas is installing the stuff this very moment, as evidenced by this picture taken by our new photo intern, and our very own Warren Nash was kind enough to snag me a piece of the leftovers -- lush indeed! (And it looks great from seven stories up. I'm going downstairs to see if there are any more scraps; I'd like to do the whole office.) Note to TxDOT: Maybe this is how you green up Central Expressway?

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