Well, There Will Be Another Budget Shortfall, Most Likely, and Every Penny Helps

Spike Johnson
Earlier this morning, a picture you might have espied on FrontBurner a little while ago showed up in the Unfair Park in-box with the subject header, "Dallas City Hall for sale - a steal for 900k." At about 9:45 a.m. I spoke with the guy whose number is on the sign, and he claimed to know zip about it: "I had nothing to do with it," he said. "That's crazy." (He sounded a little panicked and not at all amused, which is why I blurred out the number.) He asked where it was (at Good-Latimer and Live Oak) and said he was going to yank it down pronto. Clearly, he didn't.

Our new photo intern swung by about an hour ago to see if it was still there -- and to get a better picture, because I hate running an iPhone snapshot when I don't have to. So. Anyway. Damned if I'm wasting Spike's time and picture. So, there's your short story way too long. And, long story short: I sure can kill a joke. Which is why I'm not Mr. Funny Guy.

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