So, the Out-of-Towners Didn't Tour Fair Park. Shouldn't Stop You From Doing it Saturday.

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Fair Park Sculpture Installation1.jpg
Danny Fulgencio
Speaking of Fair Park, yesterday, in our item about how the city's cutting deals to get folks to Fair Park, general manager Daniel Huerta said, "We locals take Fair Park for granted." Preservation Dallas wants to do something about it: I just visited their site and noticed that on Saturday, PD's hosting a Fair Park Tour and Tram Ride -- two, maybe, should demand be high enough.

The tour will be led by the McCoy half of Quimby McCoy Preservation Architecture, Nancy McCoy, who helped preserve the murals out at the fair. The tour last two hours and costs non-members $10. Among the highlights: "the park's recent restoration projects including the water show and Esplanade Fountain, the Tenor and Contralto sculptures and the Butterfly House at the Texas Discovery Gardens." And now I have Saturday morning plans.

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