Once, At the Intersection of Commerce and Browder, Stood "The Bright Spot After Dark"

Among the myriad reasons I like posting vintage photos of bygone Dallas: You never know who'll show up in the comments to provide details previously thought lost to history. So, great thanks to Jerome Weeks and Bud Kennedy; courtesy their comments here, I've learned a great deal about Dallas's hockey history.

With that in mind, here's our latest find from Friend of Unfair Park PeterK: this March 27, 1945, snapshot of sailors and their dates taken at Frank Nick's The Nite Spot, which offered "dine and dance" and "floor shows nightly." A quick bit of research about the joint turns up this June 8, 1946, Billboard casting call for "acts of merit wanted" for the hot spot, located at the intersection of Commerce and Browder Streets -- near where Jack Ruby opened his Carousel, matter of fact. (Here's another help-wanted ad from '44.) It was around a good long while, though: In the program for the 1939 Cotton Bowl Classic, the joint advertised seven acts a night and billed itself as "The Bright Spot After Dark." I'll do more digging tomorrow -- it's my hobbyobsession. Someone's gotta do it.

Till then, bid. Or else I'm buying this keeper.

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