London Calling: Illustrator Damien Weighill to Make Dallas Bow at Kettle Art at Month's End

Speaking of Kettle Art ...

I noticed that on his blog yesterday, U.K.-based illustrator Damien Weighill posted a note that he's all set to make his Dallas debut at Frank Campagna's Deep Ellum gallery. The exhibition runs January 28 through February 2, but on the 30th, Weighill will be joined by Giggle Party, for whom he co-directed the brilliantly NSFW video for "Jason Bought a Hatchet," which, in mid-June of '09, Pete proclaimed "the best video of the year," just maybe. I sent Weighill a note yesterday, to which he responded today:
Truly exciting news about the art show. Obviously I've had the pleasure of working with Giggle Party on various artwork for a little while now and the idea for the show came from the band and John from Parade of Flesh. I'll be trying to peddle some kind of goods at the show but what form those goods will take is yet to be finalised. For certain, I'll have a couple of limited edition screen prints on sale.

It will be my first journey anywhere near Dallas so I'm unbelievably excited about coming over. Can't wait.
Like and wise.

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