If You'd Like to Buy The News' Southern Dallas Packaging Facility, It's Now on the Market

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Maybe you recall that back in November, we heard from Dallas Morning News publisher Jim Moroney about the company's decision to pack up and abandon its Southern Dallas packaging facility near the intersection of Interstates 20 and 45 on Langdon Road. Reason we e-mailed Moroney was because some folks wondered if A.H. Belo's adios wasn't somehow a betrayal of its crusade to bridge Dallas' North-South Gap, to which Moroney responded, No, it was just one of "many tough choices."


Reason we bring it up is because Binswanger has announced that it has the listing, for those needing "a one-story, fully air-conditioned, 134,028 sq. ft. building on 50 acres." And to whom is Holmes Davis hoping to sell the property?
"Binswanger is aggressively marketing the property to a wide variety of manufacturers including printing, paper, food, apparel, pharmaceutical, aerospace, alternative energy (solar), industrial machinery, automobile parts, and chemical companies. The facility is also ideally suited for wholesale and retail distribution."
Bo-ring. Come on, we can do better than that.

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