Dallas, Dallas, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Community Garden Grow?

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I covered a community meeting last night at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake to discuss plans for a community garden off Fisher Road in East Dallas, and ... what can I say? It was pretty much a total rout for the gardeners, portrayed as an ominous invading horde by an angry crowd of neighbors near the proposed site. And it was sort of a rout for moi.

I have portrayed city officials as an ominous obstructionist horde for dragging their feet on the approval of community gardens on city-owned land. If last night's conclave proved nothing more, it demonstrated that city staff have been right in their view that gardens on city-owned property are a potentially divisive issue requiring fully developed conflict-resolving policies.

I hate it when they're right. More on this in my column for next week's "print product," as we have come to call it. (I use to think of myself as a newspaper man. Now I'm a print product man.)

I'm working on a theory that City Hall is right but in the wrong way. That would make me wrong but in the right way. As I say, workin' on it. Working hard.

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