Dallas County Now in Jewelry Business

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Today's time kill: pages' worth of items being auctioned off by the sheriff's department, including this ancient pocket watch
My favorite auction site is at it again, this time disposing of watches, rings, necklaces and other assorted gold-plated goodies on behalf of the Dallas County Sheriff's Department.The county will use the proceeds to replenish its coffers, and there are bargains to be had amongst the seized loot. Like, for instance, this Lonville pocket watch (not "Sonville," as listed): Best I can tell, the company only made pocket watches from the early 1900s till around '40, and they trade amongst collectors for between $100 and $200; this here model's starting bid is $10.

Me, I'm interested in this silver cigarette case, which would go nicely with this horseshoe-shaped 14K diamond ring ($175!), but maybe you'd like a fistful of class rings (including a Dallas Cowboys item) for $25 so far. Bidding closes January 28.

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