A Sort of Tour of the Interior of the Oak Cliff Christian Church, Which DISD Plans to Raze

Right before Christmas, Dallas Independent School District board president Adam Medrano told Unfair Park he is "not sure what can be done at this point" to save the Oak Cliff Christian Church, which DISD purchased in the fall to make way for some piece of the new Adamson High School campus. (Tentative plans have the building being razed for athletic fields or tennis courts.) Medrano also said he's "gotten reports that it's in terrible condition," which is why Oak Cliff Conservation League president Michael Amonett, who's trying to save the building, sent us photos last night of the church's interior. Amonett says they were sent to him anonymously, but "they show the current interior of Oak Cliff Christian and demonstrate it isn't in 'terrible condition.'"

There are a handful more after the jump. Take a peek while we assemble a slide show.Here's a slide show of all the pics Amonett sent over.




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