Yes, There Is A Santa Claus, and He's A Seven-Foot German Forward Named Dirk

Patrick Michels
Dirk helps unwrap a package of soaps and beauty products for Estephanie Aguilar.
Estephanie Aguilar will be spending at least part of this holiday season recovering from spinal surgery at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Of course she's looking forward to getting home soon, but she and her family found themselves in the right place Monday afternoon for a visit from a seven-foot Santa in a blue and white hat, carrying an armful of presents.

After setting the gifts on her bed, Dirk Nowitzki helped the girl unwrap the Twilight DVD, board game and other presents the Mavericks delivered, even recording a quick holiday greeting onto a Flip camera for Aguilar.

In all, Nowitzki dropped by to see around 15 kids on his visit. Jason Kidd had planned on joining the forward on his trip to the hospital, but bowed out because he's been sick. For his part, Dirk hadn't realized media had been invited out to the visit, and probably didn't intend for it to be a photo op. (Sorry. But it was just across the street.)

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