Wherein Schutze Apologizes to Commissioners Ken Mayfield and Maureen Dickey

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Believe it or not, you can actually own this poster. Makes a great Christmas gift. Put it next to your JWP bobblehead.
I owe an apology to the members of the Dallas County Commissioners Court for remarks in my column this week. I write that they sat idly by and did nothing during a recent outburst by Commissioner John Wiley Price, during which he gave the impression he was about to hit Dallas County Judge Jim Foster in the head.

In point of fact, and after careful review of the video, I have to say that Commissioners Ken Mayfield and Maureen Dickey did stand up to him. Mayfield was especially heated, and, of course, he was sitting right next to him. In fact, the initial item about this in Unfair Park sort of suggested that Mayfield may have set the whole thing off by pushing Price's button. I'm not sure where I stand on that.

In my column this week, I threaten to beat up Price, which, we all know, is not a credible threat. A few friends have called to express concern, and I have assured them that I have my own fight strategy: Run like a cheetah, scream like a girl.

In my column, I'm really trying to do what I think Mayfield may have been doing -- push Price's button. I think it's what everybody should do, always, when confronted by a bully. Push the button. Push it again. Push it again. Just keep pushing. Sooner or later he'll wear himself out or do himself in.

Anyway, apologies to Dickey and Mayfield. Hang in there. You're the real heroes. Keep mashing that button. And let me know how it comes out. If he does ever injure you, I will ... man, let me tell you ... I will just ... I will be so pissed.

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