Twenty-Third Time's a Charm? City Finds Yet Another Street to Name for César Chávez.

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Patrick Michels
The latest shot in our ongoing series of these signs around town.
Clearly if at first you don't succeed, you try, and try, and try and try again.

In its endless effort to find something to name for César Chávez, the city has, as evidenced by the photo here, clearly set its eyes upon the short bit of Central Expressway that runs through downtown and is due for a straightening-out. I saw it today on the drive out of Dallas Farmers Market, home of César Chávez Plaza.

This doesn't necessarily come as any great surprise: In September, Steve Salazar, Pauline Medrano and Delia Jasso sent Assistant City Manager A.C. Gonzalez a memo requesting Central's name be changed to César Chávez Parkway between Pacific and Grand Avenues. (Some have demanded that it extend even further.) But even some council members were unaware that the proposed street name change signs had gone up: I called Angela Hunt, in whose district this stretch of street sits, and she had no idea.

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