Top 10 Mayor Tom Photos of '09

Mayor Tom Leppert isn't an easy interview to snag these days. At least, not for us here at the Observer. But that doesn't stop us from catching a glimpse of the man whenever we get the chance, and, of course, capturing snapshots along the way. Yup, we've developed quite a fondness for the unique and inspired Leppert photo here at Unfair Park HQ, which is why I bring you another year's worth of my favorites.

Feel free to chime in and provide links to ones you feel I've left out, and let's get a caption contest started while I try to convince Robert to dig up something for a prize.

10. Leppert poses with the iPhones he's giving away to CEOs in an effort to entice them to move their companies to downtown Dallas.

Kimberly Thorpe
Sometimes Leppert's eyes look like lasers. This would be one of those times.

9. Leppert uses a wall to illustrate the impact of the convention center hotel on downtown during a campaign sales pitch at Dallas County Republican Party headquarters.

Sam Merten
If his political career falters, it appears as though Leppert's fallback will be shadow puppetry.

8. Willis Johnson's got Leppert's back, literally, during a community meeting at Harold Wendell Lang Middle School.
Patrick Michels
This game of Peek-a-boo further promotes the idea that Johnson, Leppert's South Dallas consultant, is lurking behind the mayor whenever he steps on his side of the Trinity River.

7. Leppert cruises the VIP section at the Cowboys Stadium ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Patrick Michels
Leppert and Oakley M Frame sunglasses? An odd mix for sure. As one commenter wrote, they're more suitable for playing daytime baseball or riding in the Tour de France.

6. Leppert poses with architect Santiago Calatrava, city officials and Trinity Trust folks after announcing a $10 million donation to the Continental Bridge.
Sam Merten
Much like kids are prompted to pose for silly photos as a reward for sitting still for good ones, this group was asked to go wild at the end of this photo shoot. While Leppert refused to break character, the result resembled an intro to a TV sitcom.

5. Michael Irvin assists Leppert with his iPhone at the opening of the new Hard Rock Café in Victory Park.
Patrick Michels
Not sure if they're swapping digits or watching Dancing With the Stars footage, but this pairing is just plain funny no matter what they're doing.

4. Leppert says the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rated several areas of the city's levee system as unacceptable.
Sam Merten
At least the mayor didn't make things worse by frightening people with his hypnotic eyes and frantic hand gestures. Oh, wait. He did. My bad.

3. Leppert puts on bellhop's hat at the convention center hotel groundbreaking.
Sam Merten
This proves that even the mayor's close advisors get a chuckle at seeing him in awkward situations as I received an e-mail from one of them shortly after posting this pic saying, "I was wondering if someone was quick enough to get the money shot."

2. Leppert and Mary McDermott Cook gaze into each other's eyes at the Trinity Trust's announcement of an anonymous $10 million donation to the Continental Bridge.
Sam Merten
I understand that close relationships are formed when city officials work closely with fund-raisers like Cook, but geez, this is one of about 20 creepy pics I got of these two looking like a couple celebrating a marriage anniversary. I hate to think what they'll do when the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is finally finished.

1. Leppert daydreams at the AFI Film Festival.
Dallas Film Society
While Patrick shot the mayor wearing a snazzy tux to the AFI, this year's best photo is one I stumbled on whilst checking out the Dallas Film Society's flickr page. I've seen Leppert at countless events since he's been in office, but not once has he appeared so childlike. So human.

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