The Unfair Park Auctions End Today

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Just a few of the items, courtesy Brad Oldham and Brandon Oldenburg, available in this year's auction
This reminder: You've got till noon today to bid on those items up for grabs in the auction benefiting North Texas Food Bank. At present, the package consisting of the extremely rare miniature Traveling Man bird and Kristian Donaldson's original comic-book art sits with a high bid of $425. And Danny Hurley's Rockers v Mods one-off coffee-table collection is up to $175. I will update this item at noon with the winning bids.

Update at noon: The auctions are now closed. ymereJ wins the Traveling Man-Kristian Donaldson prize pack with a $450 bid. And Ben D'Avanza wins Danny's book with a bid of $195. Great thanks to all the Friends of Unfair Park who bid on these auctions, benefiting North Texas Food Bank. I will contact the winners immediately.

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