The Day Before Spring Is Sprung, Brian and Cheryl Potashnik Will Receive Sentences

Categories: Crime
Sam Merten
Brian Potashnik, outside the Earle Cabell Federal Building in July
Sorry, but one last bit of bookkeeping before I hit the nog: We've known for a while when Don Hill and the missus, former City Plan Commissioner D'Angelo Lee and two others found guilty in the federal City Hall corruption trial are being sentenced; we've had February 26 circled on our calendars for a while. But as you'll see in the doc below, District Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn yesterday issued a sentencing order for Brian and Cheryl Potashnik: After all the objections are made and motions are filed, the couple -- who pleaded guilty, with Brian taking the stand to testify against Hill in late July -- will be sentenced Friday, March 19 at 9 a.m. That's the day before the first day of spring.

Potashnik Sentencing Order

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