Radio Will Save the Newspaper Business, as The Ticket and Dallas News Share Content

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Several Friends of Unfair Park have e-mailed this morning wondering what a Ticket-Dallas Morning News content-sharing deal, announced this morning, actually means. After all, Jean-Jacques Taylor, Rick Gosselin, Todd Archer, Evan Grant and other sportswriters already appear on the station regularly. What's new about this particular arrangement? I've e-mailed Jeff Catlin, but let's let Barry Horn's press release explain:
SportsDay columnists and writers will appear exclusively on The Ticket as well as have their work linked at on the sports station's Web site, Ticket personalities will contribute to the SportsDay print product and Web site at SportsDay will also link to Ticket podcasts.

"It just makes sense for us to work more closely with The Ticket," [The Dallas Morning News' deputy managing editor for sports Bob] Yates said. "It has established itself over the years as the strongest sports radio station in this market. SportsDay has more reporters covering the local high school, college and pro teams on a daily basis than anyone. By working together more closely, we know we both can have an even greater impact."

No boundaries have been set on a the relationship that SportsDay and The Ticket anticipate will continue to evolve.

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