Plan Ahead: Hell Hath No Furry Like the Crowne Plaza Come February

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On Christmas Eve I was looking for something to post on a snowy, slow news day. I stumbled across a video posted late last week: a flashback to 1997, when the Dallas Diabolicrats pranked Grassy Knoll visitors on the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Kinda remembered that. Went over to the Diabolicrats' Web site for kicks. Scrolled down. Saw a familiar face decked out for the Santa Rampage; nice jingle balls, Warren, ho-ho-no. Then I noticed this item posted Wednesday: "This February our great city will be host to a Furry Convention."

Sure enough: Furry Fiesta 2010 returns to the Crowne Plaza in Addison in mid-February, but early registration closes in a few weeks. Merritt just took one look at the photo on the Web site and asked, "Are there seminars?" Excellent question, Merritt. Apparently, though, that episode of Entourage had it all wrong.

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