From The Tobolowsky Files, Genius

Much thanks to Friend of Unfair Park "Mike," who, in the comments to the Greggo item below, directs our attention to a podcast by a certain Kimball High School and SMU grad best known, perhaps, as Ned Ryerson. He's been at it for two months, looks like, but Stephen Tobolowsky's Tobolowsky Files, hosted by /film, is a must-download from the snippets I've had a chance to listen to this afternoon. (I started with last week's Christmas story, which is a sort-of sequel to Episode Seven, so it pays to listen in order.)

The second episode, last month's "Local Hero," deals in a roundabout way with some childhood memories -- among them, going to see Davy Crockett at the Majestic or the Tower, he can't recall which -- but the man's one hell of a storyteller regardless of subject or setting. Which is why I've seen Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party more times than I'd care to admit.

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