City's Latest Cease the Grease Spot Is, More or Less, an Advertisement for the Green Spot

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My favorite cease-the-grease spot remains the North Texas Grease Abatement Council's 10-minute short film starring Chad, the poor sumbitch whose bath-time plans are foiled by clogged pipes. (Perry the Pipe's cartoon is a distant second.) But during the holidays, Dallas Water Utilities has stepped up its effort to reach Spanish-speakers; perhaps you've seen the bilingual "Grease Monster" ads on Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses. Anyway. After the jump is the first Spanish-language ad, in which my new favorite actress asks you to bring your grease, lard and cooking oil down to the Green Spot so it can be turned into biodiesel. For some reason, it makes me hungry.

Cease the Grease (Spanish) from Dallas Cease The Grease on Vimeo.

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