UNT Libraries Sorts Through City's Official John F. Kennedy Archives, Then Reposts

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University of North Texas Libraries/Dallas Municipal Archives
If you ever wondered what it looked like during a night in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club, wonder no longer.
Dallas's official John F. Kennedy Collection has always been on the city's Web site -- a little hidden on the City Secretary's Office home page, but right here nonetheless. I've used it in the past, despite the fact it's a bit of a mess -- photos and files kept in virtual boxes, searchable only by using this massive inventory list. But, right on time (November 22, after all, is but days away), the University of North Texas Libraries debuts its version of the John F. Kennedy Dallas Police Department Collection, which cleans up the stacks and will eat up an afternoon if you let it.

"They wanted to build a Web site from their vantage point, and we allowed them to do that," City Secretary Deborah Watkins tells Unfair Park. "But it's the same collection as the city's."

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