The City of Dallas Has Enough Water to Last Till 2035. After That, Well ...

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It's never too early to look at next Wednesday's city council briefing, especially when one of the subjects on deck is where and how Dallas will get its water beyond 2035. Because, see, we're all good for the next years, give or take, but according to the briefing, "Even with conservation and reuse, additional water supply sources for Dallas will be needed by 2035."

Where will it come from? Well, there's always Schutze's beloved Neches River in Anderson and Cherokee counties north of Lufkin, but there's that lawsuit in the way -- and, from the looks of the U.S. Supreme Court's docket, just last week the United States Fish and Wildlife Service was given till January to file its response. There's also Oklahoma -- but, wuh-oh, lawsuit there too, and only last week a judge partially granted Oklahoma's motion to dismiss. Which leaves, among other smaller options, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Wright Patman Lake, located in Texarkana and serving Texarkana, and the Sabine River Basin. Or Tom Hicks's house.

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