Forward, Forwarding Dallas

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John Greenan has made it official: He and Brent Brown are going forward with Forwarding Dallas to fill that parking lot behind Dallas City Hall with a self-sustaining building. Says Greenan of his decision to go with the Portuguese architects behind the downtown hillside, "Dallas would be a richer city to have the work of any of these architects represented, but as we went further into our review, we began to see the deep logic of the MOOV-Atelier Data design, Forwarding Dallas. Forwarding Dallas seemed to us to do the best job of incorporating concepts of sustainability into the foundation of the design."

And: It's the craziest of the three finalists. (Really thought they were going to go with the Entangled Bank -- seemed so Dallas, what with the spa and restaurant.) Wonder if they've decided to keep the straw walls. Greenan, incidentally, is still aiming for an early 2011 groundbreaking.

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