Operation Car Wash, Vacuuming's Extra

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Just saw this press release from the Dallas Police Department that contains relatively few details about something called Operation Car Wash, which DPD says has resulted in 27 arrests since warrants were first issued back on September 9. The release catalogs the drugs also seized, and DPD spokesman Kevin Janse tells Unfair Park that "more arrests and seizures are possible."

Reason I called Janse is because the main address listed on the release sounded awfully familiar: 2702 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Yup -- sure enough, that's the car wash owned by one Dale Davenport, about whom Schutze wrote back in 2005, when Davenport and the DPD were at odds over who was to blame for the crime at his car wash. The release says Davenport's now a DPD partner: "The owner of this car wash is now cooperating with the Police Department by participating in the Criminal Trespass Affidavit Program [which] allows officers to give Criminal Trespass Warnings to individuals on the property who are not conducting car wash business and follow up with arrests if these individuals return to the property."

That's right, Davenport says: "And I applaud their actions," he tells Unfair Park. "They try to hit the car wash five times each shift, so if there are undesirables hanging around, they will issue criminal trespass citations, and I don't have a problem with that." Still, it's not all bubbles and rinse: "Why don't they do something about the crack houses on Peabody, Pennsylvania and Myrtle?" To which Janse responds: "How does he know we're not?"

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