Catch a Trinity Standing Wave, and You're Sittin' On Top of the World

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This morning's quiz: a conceptual rendering of the Standing Wave project in the Trinity River, or a hotel-room painting?
The city wasn't kidding around about fast-tracking the Trinity Standing Wave whitewater-maker: Less than two months after the $3-million project resurfaced in a Trinity River Corridor Project Committee presentation, the city council's gearing up to award the construction contract. That'll happen on November 9, according to this morning's sneak peak at the agenda, and the $3,376,359 contract will go to Ark Contracting Services out of Kennedale, which will be charged with installing "standing wave structures, kayak launch, access trails, parking and access road for the Trinity Standing Wave located at 1900 East Eighth Street," just beneath where the Santa Fe Trestle Trail's supposed to go. And now we know how the project will be paid for: out of 1998 and 2006 bond funds. No word on when construction's set to start, but as Trinity River Corridor Project director Rebecca Rasor (formerly Rebecca Dugger) told us in late September, they'd hoped to start digging this month.

Speaking of, Schutze'll be at this morning's meeting -- he missed his Trinity River Corridor Project Committee. Guess he's interested in the checklist of repairs made to the unacceptable Trinity River levees -- 105 of 198 of which have been completed thus far, according to this memo to the council. Alas, April 10 is inching closer; so too is Schutze.

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