Blockbuster, The Final Frontier

Gloria Levario
This was so not logical: Mr. Spock's actually a Blockbuster marketing guy.
Blockbuster's torn: Stores or kiosks? Kiosks or stores? Says one analyst this week, Not stores, no friggin' way. But how else will the Dallas-based videotailer host a release party? Our Gloria Levario was out and about early this a.m. and happened by the Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray shindig at the near-West Village location on McKinney Ave., one of 20 Blockbusters in the U.S. to stay open till the wee small hours.

It was, she noted, sparsely attended -- meaning, maybe five people, not including customers trickling in and out -- but also, as she puts it, "spirited," no doubt referring to the fact the event was an after-midnight Lone Star Radio-sponsored gift-card giveaway. Also, she spied "a couple enjoying the film in lawn chairs in the middle of the store." A sneak peek at Blockbuster's future, perhaps.

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