Wrap It Up: 7-Eleven to Give Its Big, Firm Bananas a Little Extra Protection

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Has 7-Eleven not heard of the Banana Bunker?
So, Dallas-based 7-Eleven wants to keep its yellow bananas from going brown, which'll surely mean a little extra green at the cash register. Notes USA Today today, the chain will unroll some plastic wrap at 27 Dallas-area locations by way of a test run; Fresh Del Monte Produce says the wrap will "keep single bananas yellow and firm for five days, more than double the two-day shelf life for an unwrapped banana." But the Natural Resources Defense Council thinks that's just silly and wasteful: "There are better ways than adding a plastic wrapper around something that comes naturally wrapped in the first place," says Jenny Powers, the NRDC's spokesperson. It's happening: We're turning into England.

Hats off to whoever decided to put a picture of some bananas on the clear banana wrapper.

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