The Continental Starts When the Calatrava's Done. Spring 2011, Says the City. OK, Then.

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Sam's all booked up Tuesday morning -- got himself a Trinity River Corridor Project Committee meeting to attend. But speaking of, I did want to direct your attention to one agenda item of note: a presentation on the design for the Continental Bridge, which, as we mentioned last month, is being turned into a pedestrian bridge courtesy an anonymous $10-million donation. I'm a bit underwhelmed, but only because a Friend of Unfair Park was kind enough to send us sneak peeks at earlier plans for the bridge, which suggest both streetcars and Starfleet Academy. You wanna see 'em? Then beam over to the jump.

And, on related note, anyone know why the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Construction cam's still stuck on a photo from September 30? Oh. Right.



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