Say, Jawas, Is That a Blaster in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Princess Leia?

Star Wars Fan Days 09  25090.jpg
Eli Luna
Without a doubt, this woman was by far the most popular person at the Plano Centre on Saturday. By. Far.
Sci-fi cons held days before Halloween are always highly recommended, for reasons made clear in this slide show from Eli Luna, who trekked out to the Plano Centre for Star Wars Fan Days. I was out there for, oh, a solid hour Saturday -- waded through the sea of stocky Boba Fetts and Stormtroopers to get the kid an action figure, as always. But instead we walked out with something far better: a handful of made-on-the-spot mini-paintings, including a portrait of the boy, by the great Katie Cook. All for $20. In other words: I think we're over Star Wars, at last. On to Green Lantern, basketball and Junie B. Jones. Win.

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