It's Old Home Week at Council, as Sid Stahl to Handle Sandra Crenshaw's Ethics Complaints

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Just noticed this on the council's meeting addendum for tomorrow:
I called Crenshaw, who served on the council from 1993 till '95, to find out the details of the complaint, but a friend of hers answered the phone and offered this rather stunning news: "Her mother died Thursday, and her father died this morning." Unfair Park, of course, offers our condolences. The city secretary and city attorney also were not available. Stahl, of course, served on the Dallas City Council from 1980 till '83, and is currently a mediator. He too was out of the office. More details tomorrow.

Update at 4:06 p.m. October 29: For anyone still reading this item, I now see at whom the complaints are aimed: council member Tennell Atkins and City Attorney Tom Perkins. There's a preliminary hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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