A Very Spooky Friday Flashback: George Gimarc Interviews Roky Erickson in 1981

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One week after providing Unfair Park with the KNUS acid flashback ca. 1970, rock-and-roll alternative George Gimarc has dug into his own vaults -- how awful generous. And he submits for your listening pleasure this most appropriate kick-off for the Friday before All Hallows' Eve: a lengthy interview George conducted in July 1981 with none other than Roky Erickson, long before the Dallas-born, Austin-raised Father of Psychedelic Rock got his synaptic shit together.

Erickson was out promoting The Evil One, which boasts such titles as "I Walked With a Zombie," "Night of the Vampire" and "Bloody Hammer"; George, who was all of 24 at the time, wanted to know, like, what does it all mean? Asked George, "Are you interested in horror stuff now that's much weirder, much more frightening, than you thought 10 years ago you could ever be into?" Responds Roky, "Horror is like many shades of blood."  And then the going gets strange. Also included in the segment: "Don't Shake Me Lucifer," one of Roky's greatest. Boogity, boogity. So jump for the chitchat, already, but mind the bloody hammers.

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