He's Four Stories Tall and 18 Tons Of Cold, Hard Steel. So Who You Calling "Whimsical"?

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Courtesy Reel FX Studios
"Traveling Man" artists Brad Oldham and Brandon Oldenburg got their first glimpses of their three finished sculptures through a train window yesterday, rolling into DART's new Deep Ellum Station on a Green Line test run.

This morning, they were good enough to send the above close-up of the largest piece, "Walking Tall," which is finished now at the corner of Good-Latimer and Swiss Avenues, along with the other two pieces nearby, "Waiting On A Train" and "Awakening."

The Traveling Man's no stranger to Unfair Park, and the construction's been well documented in DART time lapse videos, but we're including a few more shots courtesy of the Traveling Man's friends at Reel FX.

First up after the jump, though, a slice of video from yesterday's Green Line run, in which Oldenburg makes a brief appearance chatting up DART's Randall Chrisman.

"Traveling Man" co-designers Brad Oldham, left, and Brandon Oldenburg

"Walking Tall" seen from the side

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