So, Don, How Ya Feelin' After Your First Day on the Stand?

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Sam Merten
Of course, Hill couldn't actually answer the question as he's restricted from speaking to the media, but this photo we snapped during the media frenzy that followed today's testimony from the former mayor pro tem tells the story.

Sure, it was merely a verbal "Wikipedia entry" as Robert described, but it looks like Hill had a blast. Oh, and this tidbit from his wife's attorney, Victor Vital. "We're weighing our options," regarding whether or not to put Sheila on the stand.

More pics after the jump.

Sam Merten
Sam Merten
Defendant D'Angelo Lee looks on in the background as attorney Ray Jackson fields questions from the media.
Sam Merten
Facing the camera from left to right: Doug Greene (D'Angelo Lee's attorney) Don Hill and Victor Vital. Sheila Hill and Ken Carter have their backs to the camera.
Sam Merten
Don and Sheila Hill with Don's attorney, Ray Jackson.

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