Shovel, Ready? Because Next Week's Chock Full o' Groundbreaking Ceremonies.

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The city's planning quite the one-two punch for next week: The Woodall Rodgers Park breaks ground Monday, followed on Tuesday by the convention center hotel's dirt-fly ceremony. The latter, per our invite to the wingding at 800 Young Street at 4:30 p.m. sharp, is a "momentous occasion in Dallas' history"; say, we'll be the judge of that. And this morning, has further info concerning the Woodall Rodgers Park and the doings down there on Monday, which will include a pep talk from Tony Jones, chancellor of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; writes Amy Wolff Sorter, "Jones will discuss how Millennium Park changed Chicago's landscape, much as those behind the Woodall Rodgers Park hope the project will do the same thing for Dallas." (Then where's our Crown Fountain?)

Alas, those of you who weren't big fans of the cafe planned for the park need not fret just yet: Linda Owen, president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, tells Sorter that phase of the park won't be gotten to till, oh, 2012, fingers crossed and infrastructure finished and, most important, money raised. "We've raised close to $80 million without anyone seeing the dirt flying," Owen tells "We're optimistic that as people see construction underway, they'll be excited about helping us realize the full potential of the park."

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