One Writer Says AT&T's Refusal to Pony Up Naming-Rights Numbers "Looks Suspicious"

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Yesterday came the big announcement: AT&T done bought itself the naming rights to the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts. But there was one glaring omission in the press release's fine print: How much did the company pay? That troubles New York Times arts and business writer Judith Dobrzynski, who also maintains the Real Clear Arts culture blog: Stephen Becker directs our attention to her Tuesday-night post in which Dobrzynski writes that AT&T's refusal to provide the dollar amount doesn't make sense ... and could come back to bite the giant in the ass:
How are people going to judge whether this is a fair deal or whether AT&T bargained too hard? And how are AT&T shareholders going to know whether they're getting their money's worth?

Eventually, the numbers usually out. Why hide in the meantime? It looks suspicious.

And here's another thing we don't know: how long does this deal last? AT&T did say that it would offer free WiFi throughout the 10-acre complex.

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