In Richardson, the Proud New Owners of 220 Acres Surrounding DART's Bush Station

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Speaking of DART stations ...

What you see above is all that empty land up around Dallas Area Rapid Transit's Bush Turnpike Station at U.S. 75 and the G.B.H. -- 220 acres' worth, to be precise. For years, it belonged to the Hunt family, which wasn't in a hurry to develop the property; instead, H.L.'s heirs worked with Dallas, Richardson and DART to clear the way for the rail line and attendant station.

But the Hunt trust has done sold the land, and its new owners, Lovers Lane-based Parliament Group Inc., tell they're gonna take their time to study what's what: "Right now we have a blank canvas out there," says one partner in the group, which builds planned communities and operates warehouses, "and the worst thing we could do is pull the trigger on something that doesn't belong there."

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