C-3PO Does Not Fear Jerry Jones's Death Star

Patrick Michels
Anthony Daniels and his little friend during our interview yesterday at Hotel ZaZa
Anthony Daniels was in Dallas yesterday to promote the Star Wars: In Concert megavent scheduled for October 23 at Cowboys Stadium, where two hours' worth of Star Wars clips will get a screening on Jerry Jones's high-def wall of voodoo. Patrick Michels recorded my lengthy chitchat with C-3PO's alter ego at Hotel ZaZa, which we'll run closer to the show (Daniels will narrate in person, accompanied by an 85-piece orchestra). But I will share this anecdote: Toward the end of our talk Tuesday morning, I casually mentioned that some folks 'round these parts refer to Cowboys Stadium as "the Death Star."

"They do?" he asked. Daniels seemed rather amused by this. "Of course, I've been in the Death Star many times before. I'm sure I'll escape alive like I did the last time." The man's adorable.

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