Boom to Bust: Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now Designing for Breastaurants

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Patrick Michels
Former Cowboys cheerleader Terra Watson has moved her booming business down to Expo Park
Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Terra Watson spent the last 12 years designing and manufacturing pro-team dance and cheerleader uniforms -- including her former teammates' Christmas presents to Cowboys fans, which are still on Santa's to-do list. But business isn't boom-boom-booming the way it used to; one client, the Dallas Desperados, took a season-long time-out. Which is one of the reasons why Watson's moving from the sports arena to the ... breastaurant.

After all, they're all the rage in this busted economy; back in March, Nightline came to Arlington and found it so hard to choose between Hooters, Bone Daddy's and Twin Peaks. Watson counts the latter among her clients; also on the list is Cadillac Ranch, which doesn't have a local outpost.

"Why wear a T-shirt when you can wear something that is actually flattering to a woman?" Watson says, citing but one reason why she's designing the eateries' unis. "That's my goal with the breastaurants: I want that niche." So far, so good: This week she moved to a bigger studio space in Exposition Park.

Ralph Daniels and Roksana Spirina .jpeg
Patrick Michels
Ralph Daniels (yes, Ralph, on the left) and Roksana Spirina wear the Twin Peaks unis designed by Watson.
"It's not like I'm just catering to guys," says Watson. "It also helps the girls too. Look how much more they're making. It's form and function."

Ultimately, she says, her new line of unis is aimed at the eateries' owners and managers; she's more or less saying this is a perfectly good way to step up their game: "You don't have to be TGI Fridays to make a name for yourself. You can make a statement for yourself with your staff."

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